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ILT Institute Limited is an education consulting agency with a vision to promote, foster and encourage overseas education and companies in facilitating the development of the younger generations in Hong Kong to find their best overseas education choices.

We believe that with a platform to connect youngsters with different pathways of higher education can induce positive and effective learning experiences to all learners, as well as build a better future for children and youth of different ages in Hong Kong. We specifically focus on children’s specific interests and talents and strive to help them discover their unlimited potentials.

We are a subsidiary of HKEP Service group (https://www.hkep.org/), which was founded in 2006. HKEPS aimed to provide quality education-related services to schools, parents and students in Hong Kong. They have been serving 150+ schools and more than 200,000 students and parents in the past 14 years. They also have experience hosting various talks, events, seminars and lectures for different stakeholders in the education setting. HKEPS expertises in providing school-based, centre-based and online services to students, parents and teachers. 

Leveraging on their extensive experience and clientele, ILT Institute Limited has broadened the scope of their service to overseas education consultation and coaching. Our team seeks out partnerships with companies and institutions in different parts of the world to maximise options for schoolers in Hong Kong. ILT Institute Limited is located in Room 1203, Tung Wai Commercial Building, 109-111 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.